Chefs In Copenhagen

This image is from a shoot last year for Knorr which took me to Copenhagen for a whirlwind shoot.\r\nThis was not my first trip into Europe for Knorr having previously shot in Rotterdam a couple of times. I was once again briefed by Bristol agency Flourish to what was required for the product which was for Unilever’s Knorr Artisan range.

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Papilio Portraits & Interiors

I’m generally not known as an interior photographer but like most photographic genres I’ve probably at some point done it but just don’t advertise or claim to specialise in it.
In the case of Interior Design company Papilo they contacted me as they required some tricky interiors capturing and knew with my post production knowledge I could possibly help capture what they required.
Steve & Matt Papilo’s directors also explained they needed some corporate portraits that also would showcase their interior design style at the same time.

The idea for the portraits where pretty much dictated by the location so we finalised everything on the day of the shoot.
I decided once I had seen the interior that the approach should be a composite image to allow for maximum flexability.

The shoot went without any issues and so with time to spare decided on another alternative both shown below.

Corporate Portraits For Papilio Interiors Of Steve And Matt And Clients Kitchen Frome

Corporate Portraits For Papilio Interiors Of Steve And Matt And Clients Kitchen Frome

For the interiors we planned to capture the rooms when the exterior ambient light was at the correct angle and intensity.
This was to allow enough daylight to illuminate albeit very dimly through any visible windows.

Capturing all of the lighting intensities and dark surfaces required some care but I’m pleased to say Papilio where very happy with the results.

Steve Garland Papilio Interiors Shoot Ban Hill Barn

Steve Garland Papilio Interiors Shoot Ban Hill Barn


Steve Garland Papilio Interiors Shoot Ban Hill Barn

Seeing Double For Stonar

A few weeks ago I received a call from Ice House Design In Bath which is always exciting as Ive had some lovely briefs from them in the past.
It turned out this call was to chat about another interesting brief titled ” Whoever You Want To Be” for a private school in Bath called Stonar.
The concept was to show the wide variety of activities and opportunities the school offed by showing the same students repeated in the image but in other outfits.
After a brief chat about what I thought might be the best solution to getting the job shot and retouched Jack from Ice House explained about the rather tight deadlines that needed to be met.
The completion dates required happened to be bang in the middle of one of the busiest periods I’ve known as well a a family holiday but a doable schedule was drawn up and the job was booked in.

The shoot itself was shot on location at a beautiful 18th century Georgian mansion called Hartham Park close to Bath.
Upon arrival on the shoot day It seemed every corner of Haytham’s interior offered me another photographic opportunity and the phrase “Kid Candy Shop” comes to mind.
Finally though myself and Les the creative director narrowed it down two rooms that fitted the brief perfectly and the job was completed within our allotted time.

A few days (and early hours) in post was needed to meet a couple of the deadlines but the whole job went together without any drama and more importantly the client & agency where very pleased with the results.




Boosting The Ayr Miles..

Advertising Photography is a funny business as you never know what the next phone call will bring and the last couple of weeks have been no exception.
It started with a call from an old friend who operates  KCP Ltd from Ayrshire in Scotland.
KCP specialise in transferring all types waste with their huge fleet of lorries both from within Scotland and across the UK.
They needed to not only capture the vehicles within the beautiful Scottish landscape (something which I have lot of experience of shooting in the past) but also corporate portraits and other images to showcase what they do.

KCP Environmental Services

The shoot took place over a long weekend with some changeable weather that actually worked very well with our schedule as did the locations that where chosen.

A short flight home on the Sunday evening allowed me just enough time on the Monday to secure the images and repack before driving up to Heathrow for a flight to Copenhagen for Bristol Agency Flourish
I’ve worked with Flourish a few times capturing campaign images in Holland of various Chef’s for their client Knorr and this one was not different except Denmark was the location for this particular shoot.
After a change to the original location for a better one and a shorter shooting time everything came together according to the clients wishes.
I can’t publish any images at this point as the campaign is not yet live but as soon as I can get some samples rest assured I will.

This week I packed again for a trip to see some buyers in London followed by a meeting and a small shoot in central London for client Mimecast. This is followed today by packing yet again but this time for a weeks holiday and boy I feel I need one !

Have a great Bank holiday everyone….

Centek Commission.

A few months back I was assigned by Advertising Agency Bray Leino to spend a couple of days shooting on location for their client Centek. Centek  manufacture equipment for the oil drilling industry and I was briefed to capture their state of the art manufacturing process and people who help run it.The job was pretty full on as deadlines where fast approaching for a launch of a new factory and the images or at least some where needed for this. Myself one assistant and Art Director sucessfully finished the shoot with time to spare and I then spent the following day shooting samples of the products in the studio.

Centek Product Images




Centek Factory And Centraliser Still Product Shots


Centek Factory And Centraliser Still Product Shots


Centek Factory And Centraliser Still Product Shots






Mimecast Advertising Campaign

Back in the summer I had the opportunity to work once again with creative director and good friend Stuart Lowe in Central London.

I had the good fortune of working on a contract for Trader Media Group and Stuart for several years shooting exotic cars on location all over the UK.

Stuart who is now Creative Director at Mimecast a software service company specializing in email archiving amongst other things contacted me to shoot a campaign they where looking to run to help promote their Cloud storage services.

The images where all captured in a few hours at Mimecasts offices in central London and retouched by us.





Beautiful Bray Leino

Today I had a very enjoyable Wednesday morning at a meeting in the slightly grey but beautiful Devon countryside with the rather nice creatives at Bray Leino.

I’ve visited several times over the last 20 years or so and I never fail to be impressed by their stunning offices and it’s rural location.


A Few iPhone Snaps

iPhone 5 iPhone 5 iPhone 5

Knorr Garde d’Or

Towards the end of last year we where commissioned to shoot a job in Rotterdam for Bristol Agency Flourish

The brief was to photograph a chef at a hotel on the outskits of Rotterdam for a campaign for Unilever’s Knorr’s Garde d’Or range of products for adverts around Europe.

Time on set was rather tight but I’m pleased to say everything went very smoothly and hats off to Flourish for a very well organised production allowing us to simply concentrate on capturing the best image possible.




Creative Relationships

This week I got a call from a Creative Director and good friend I have worked closely with on and off for many years.

In the past we have worked together shooting cars,lifestyle images and even a few glamorous ladies for various promotions.

Now with a new company he called to ask about working on a new campaign together and a date was set to shoot this week.

For me this once again reinforces that business is built upon relationships not just that you can create good imagery or have a wonderful style of shooting.

Trust,reliability,passion,and good people skills are all strong points that go into a great working partnership and a no doubt a good sense of humour  goes a long way too !

I’m off to finish packing for our next shoot in Holland on Monday once again for a client we have been fortunate to have worked with before.

Have a great weekend everyone.

A few iPhone images from the day’s shoot and travels.