September is probably one of my favourite months especially with a camera in my hand.\r\nAfter the long days and often harsh light that summer (sometimes) gives us together with a blanket of green September comes along and brings back a little colour contrast to the landscape with better lower angled light.\r\nThe other reason I love September is the fields full Maize which for some reason I just have to capture every year.

Corporate London To The South Hams, The Contrast Of A Photographic Week

You can never say this industry is boring, frustrating & unpredictable at times yes,but never boring.
It’s been a very manic few weeks seeing me on location in Scotland,Denmark and a couple of jobs in London.
This week made me realise once again just how no two days or two jobs are ever the same and why I love what I do.
Monday morning saw me in the heart of central London for an early morning corporate portrait shoot in some very modern and swanky offices.
This was followed a couple of days later when I found myself on route to the beautiful South Hams in Devon shooting a Lighthouse for a recent new client.
The contrast in the assignments & the locations was simply chalk & cheese.
The London assignment was in the heart of the city with tall modern office buildings and as you might expect pretty full on but also quite a buzz.
The Devon shoot was also a pretty busy day however the location was simply mesmerising and you could not work for long without taking a moment to once again appreciate the stunning coastline views from our elevated clifftop location.
These kind of days makes me realise how lucky I am (due to many years ongoing hard work !) to get to visit such great places and meet so many interesting people because of the camera.
More images will follow in the coming weeks but for now here are a few iPhone snaps from both shoots and a little video.
Have a great weekend everyone….

A precarious viewpoint !


Boosting The Ayr Miles..

Advertising Photography is a funny business as you never know what the next phone call will bring and the last couple of weeks have been no exception.
It started with a call from an old friend who operates  KCP Ltd from Ayrshire in Scotland.
KCP specialise in transferring all types waste with their huge fleet of lorries both from within Scotland and across the UK.
They needed to not only capture the vehicles within the beautiful Scottish landscape (something which I have lot of experience of shooting in the past) but also corporate portraits and other images to showcase what they do.

KCP Environmental Services

The shoot took place over a long weekend with some changeable weather that actually worked very well with our schedule as did the locations that where chosen.

A short flight home on the Sunday evening allowed me just enough time on the Monday to secure the images and repack before driving up to Heathrow for a flight to Copenhagen for Bristol Agency Flourish
I’ve worked with Flourish a few times capturing campaign images in Holland of various Chef’s for their client Knorr and this one was not different except Denmark was the location for this particular shoot.
After a change to the original location for a better one and a shorter shooting time everything came together according to the clients wishes.
I can’t publish any images at this point as the campaign is not yet live but as soon as I can get some samples rest assured I will.

This week I packed again for a trip to see some buyers in London followed by a meeting and a small shoot in central London for client Mimecast. This is followed today by packing yet again but this time for a weeks holiday and boy I feel I need one !

Have a great Bank holiday everyone….

A Defining Image from the 70’s

If it’s possible for an image of somebody to somehow define you then this is the image I’d choose.

This is an old print of my Dad with his Leica camera around his neck,shot I believe in Ephesus Turkey while on a cruise of the Aegean during the early 1970’s.

This image is a draw for me for a couple of reasons. My Dad loved photography and always had camera gear around the house while I was growing up and this without doubt aided my early interest.

Another passion I inherited was his love of ancient Greece & Turkey and all it’s history & myths.It’s this that sent me travelling around Greece during my teens armed with his “borrowed” camera gear that acted as the catalyst to taking up photography as a career 26 years ago.

So when I look at this age stained old print it kind of sums me up, in fact all that’s really missing from this scene would be a Vespa or Lambretta parked up and a kid kicking a football and it would define me almost perfectly.


dad leica on cruise

A Break To Create

Over the years I have learnt that It’s inevitable that I (and many others in the creative industry) will experience a creative slump now and again. This used to frustrate and even worry me at times when I wanted to create new personal work but found myself devoid of ideas.

The solution for me at least is take a break from trying too hard by either going to watch a film, listen to music or go for a walk with my camera or iPhone.The latter with my iPhone I especially find beneficial as it forces me to only to use my eye to try and create interesting images due the cameras simplicity which strips away any bells and whistles and provides a great creative workout without the technical stuff getting in the way.

It’s a week before Christmas as I publish this post and today we got the tree up with the kids then went to a local farm on the Somerset Levels to stock up on some mulled cider. Here are a few iPhone images I snapped with my new iPhone 6 Plus which is bigger better but still basic when it comes to camera buttons…thankfully !

2014-12-07 17.39.57

Raging Beauty

I’m mildly obsessed with shooting skies as I believe they can often make or break many of the images I create.

So when thunderstorms are forecast you can be sure my camera is not too far from my side much to the despair of my family who get pretty fed up with me constantly pulling over in the car to shoot them !


Creative Relationships

This week I got a call from a Creative Director and good friend I have worked closely with on and off for many years.

In the past we have worked together shooting cars,lifestyle images and even a few glamorous ladies for various promotions.

Now with a new company he called to ask about working on a new campaign together and a date was set to shoot this week.

For me this once again reinforces that business is built upon relationships not just that you can create good imagery or have a wonderful style of shooting.

Trust,reliability,passion,and good people skills are all strong points that go into a great working partnership and a no doubt a good sense of humour  goes a long way too !

I’m off to finish packing for our next shoot in Holland on Monday once again for a client we have been fortunate to have worked with before.

Have a great weekend everyone.

A few iPhone images from the day’s shoot and travels.





South Wales To Central London

One of the great things about doing advertising work is you never know what’s going to come in with the next phone call or email.
Last Friday this week looked like being a fairly quiet and relaxed one but it proved far from it.
On Tuesday we found ourselves heading across the bridge to Cardiff for a couple of meetings regarding a potentially very large commission we had put a proposal in for the just the previous week.
Thursday we found ourselves on the road again this time heading for Central London at fairly short notice for a nice little shoot.
Now I love shooting in London but driving through the centre is not for the faint hearted especially when your idea of heavy traffic normally consists of 2 0r 3 horses or a tractor and trailer blocking the narrow country lanes.!
Glad to say I transformed into city driving survival mode and breezed (kind of) in and out without any problems.
As I said love working in London but it’s kind of nice to get home away from the crazy roads !
Have a great Whitsun everyone..


2014-05-23 12.01.45







It’s been a bit of a tough year both personally and for the area I live and love that is still recovering from the recent floods.
This week I took a break from a hefty amount of marketing to do some walking and take some therapeutic snaps while I was at it.
Pointing my camera without any plans to what I wanted to specifically capture is not something I do a lot of these days so it was a bit like yoga for the creative muscles to just follow my nose.
I decided to head a few miles from the Studio to the edge of the Somerset Levels at Hambridge where just a few months earlier was several feet underwater and the road totally unpassable at least by car.

I’m glad to say I found a drastic change to the area since my last visit and everything appears to be returning to some kind of normality.
That is not to say that the signs of the devastation where not evident in fact I came a cross everything from flattened rotting withy trees to dead Deer (although that was probably due to a car than the flooding).
Although many fields still looked saturated with water and mud a few did have some signs of growth in them along with hedges blooming with Blackthorn


A Brown Case Of Memories

Last week was the most difficult in my life with the sad passing of my mother.
As I have dealt with the things that need to be arranged I found myself needing an image of my mum that I knew we had from her wedding day from 1949.

I finally found the image I was seeking  in a small and very old brown case which also contained a treasure chest of images dating back to 1917.
I decided while I had time I’d copy the aging prints most of which where in amazing condition despite their age. The images ranged from the usual family snaps of Mum,Dad,Grandad,Grandma and various other siblings to some more unusual from my dads naval days.
My Dad served on the aircraft carrier HMS Indomitable during WW2 in the Mediterranean and the Pacific and spent time on R&R in Sydney.
One in particular shown here is my Dad in his uniform with a blonde lady which we believe was a girl he met and got engaged to while in Sydney.
He returned to England with intentions of returning to marry her but then met my mum.

On top of this we also discovered letters he wrote home to his mother and newspaper clippings of him which really adds to the whole story of that time in his life.
This got me thinking firstly how lucky we (myself, brother & sister) are to have this family archive of images and letters. Secondly just how important image captions are as only a few of the prints had any kind of dates or descriptions scribbled on the rear of them.
It’s a shame that the majority of children growing up will never have a dusty box or case full of prints in Grandma & Grandads loft to open up and explore as most people these days simply do not produce prints but share their images just digitally.
Maybe we all should have a box and place prints into it periodically for our children & grandchildren to enjoy when we are no longer around .

In Loving Memory