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While in Holland a couple of weeks ago I had a small amount of time to explore Rotterdam. My initial plan was to jump on a boat and visit some windmills that where situated not too far from the city center but unfortunately this meant I’d be cutting things a little fine to get back to catch my flight home.
A little disappointed I decided instead to catch a water bus down the Nieuwe Maas riverfor an hour or so and capture a few images for my composite archive and enjoy the views.
The weather was a little grey and misty but in my opinion there is never bad weather or light for image making it just depends what you want for the shoot in mind.
During one of the many stops the water bus made I noticed this house on the banks of the river that for some reason I was strangely drawn too.
Maybe it was because I watch too many horror films but with the damp December weather providing an appropriate backdrop it looked slightly eerie sat isolated on the edge of the river.