The Gumbet Windmills

I travel to Turkey quite a lot and I’m fortnate to have a home there from which to explore the many areas of historical interest that the country has to offer. On this particular trip I left my friends to enjoy an evening meal together and borrowed my turkish friend’s car to travel & capture the Windmills in the beautiful evening light.
The Windmills are located on headland high above the bays of Gumbet and Bodrum and give a wonderful view over the sea and mountains.
I’d been told about this location many times by Turkish friends but unfortunately on arrival I found it a little disappointing compared to the vision that I had built up in my mind.
I decided that seeing I was not being commissioned to shoot a faithful representation of the place that I would stay truthful to my own vision (as I often do) of this beautiful location by moving a few elements around and clean the place up a little !
My main disappointment at the location was the fact that the stunning view behind the windmills was not clearly visible so I decided to rectify this by raising the sea & mountains.
This was accomplished by capturing the precise images I needed then in post cleaning out a couple of the more derelict windmills so that the view could been seen behind.
This image was also made into a Photography Training Video called “Moving Mountains”









The Making Of “The Last Harvest”

This image was inspired by my strange facination with Maize fields which are abundant in the English countryside from late summer to early autumn.
Of course the idea developed in my imagination into something more than just photographing a field full of crops into the final image shown here.
The most difficult part of this image to perfect was the masking and transitions of the Maize heads onto the background.
After several good but not perfect attempts I managed to come up with an unlikely solution to the problem which fulfilled my severe obsession for fine details in my images.