Repurposing Images With The Parallax 3D Technique

I’m always looking to be able to offer clients more bang for their buck especially when budgets are tight.
Repurposing existing stills into 3D engaging (actually 2.5D to be precise)  motion clips is one way to offer more value and provide engaging content for website and social media channels.
Best results are always to be had by planning with the end result in mind and shooting with the following Parallax technique is no exception.
However, it’s still possible to take an existing image and produce some incredible results.
The first sample below was captured for my client Mimecast and is a fairly straightforward still image from a business lifestyle production shot on location in London.

With a little post-production and 3D rendering, it was possible to repurpose the image into a simple and eye-catching image asset.

This image was a little more involved and shot with the Parallax technique in mind which allowed a little more scope for creating some depth and motion.

 Again this one lent itself perfectly to a Parallax effect keep an eye out for a couple of subtle movements towards the end of the movie.

You can view more motion work here

Northern Soul, Capturing The Passion To Dance

Northern Soul is making another resurgence at the moment and it’s been some 29 years since my days of attending allnighters at various venues and Scooter rallies across the country.One of my friends Terry however is still hitting the talcum powder dusted dance floor from dusk to dawn (I’m not exaggerating!) across the UK. He still is a remarkable dancer and considering he’s older than me (sorry mate had to get that in) that is even more credit to him. With this in mind I just had to create an image that captured his passion to dance and my vision / memories of those ballrooms across the UK.

We shot the images in our studio which is an old stone barn with ideal solid wood floors for Terry to strut his stuff upon.

The shoot was incredible fun and we ended up with so many great images that the selection process took me forever to finally decide on my final image as did cleaning up all the baby talc from the studio floor!

The post production consisted of compositing an appropriate background and creating  just the right  ambiance.

Below is a short video of the shoot,completed images and a few that got shortlisted but not used.

Life-Passion For Soul

Passion For Soul II

Passion For Soul II


Protexin, Stop Motion Company Video

For several months this year we worked on a large project for a company called Protexin.
Protexin manufacture and distribute worldwide Probiotcs for human & animals consumption and where looking for a new way of showcasing to their international customers their impressive state of the art production line, staff and premises.
As we had been keen to work with them for quite a while we set up a meeting and proposed shooting a video using thousands of still frames (and some motion) to showcase their company in a contemporary and engaging way.
After shooting using the technique at one of the many exhibition that they attend  (see Protexin A Engaging Video Solution ) they decided to expand the project even further to produce the finished video below.
After a fair amount of pre production and planning not to mention many many hours of processing, colour grading, a pinch of after effects and plenty of video editing the project was finally finished.
Protexin where extremely happy with the finished product and we have since worked on several other albeit smaller Photographic projects with them.

Protexin, An Engaging Video Solution

We find ourselves quite fortunate more often than not to work for some very nice people / clients.
It’s only natural that we actively seek out companies and agencies whom we believe are not only a good fit with the type of work we do and enjoy but also who are known to be great people to work with.

Protexin are one of those such companies based not too far from our studio who we had heard great things about.
They had some very impressive new premises and won several awards including being voted one of the best local employers to work for.
I should add Protexin manufacturer pro biotic products for both human and veterinary consumption.
After several phone calls and mailers we met up with the marketing team over a coffee at our studio cafe to discuss some ideas we had for them.
As it turned out what we had to say and show went down very well solving a particular problem the team where seeking a solution for.

Below is the first of several videos we are producing over the next several months to help Protexin showcase their production & premises to their overseas clients in a contemporary engaging way.

Two Somerset Skies, Time Lapse Landscapes

There never seems to be enough hours in the day, when I’m not shooting I’m spending time either retouching,marketing or some other less creative side of business.
Despite creating images for over 26 years or so I’m also keen to keep pushing my image making still further forward so there is always something new I want to spend my often limited time to master.
Following on from my previous post my latest creative outlet is Time Lapse Photography which combines my skills as a photographer & retoucher with my albeit slightly more limited 5 years experience of video production.
Below is a short video titled “Two Somerset Skies” (still requires a little more attention to polish it up) and was captured close to our studio base in the beautiful Somerset landscape.
The locations where captured a few days apart during the recent summer heatwave here in the Uk and shows off just how amazingly varied our skies can be despite the season !

Time Lapse Photography, Dancing Shadows Over The Crops

I’ve been shooting and editing video for a good few years now for the purpose of presenting and illustrating Photography & Retouching training.
This year however I find myself shooting more and more creative video type work which blends stills & video.
Some of this work is nearing the end of production for a client so I’m unable to publish just yet but here is something similar we shot for our Studio based Cafe

Stop Motion Video

Something else we have started to play with is Time Lapse photography which once again blends still photography with video.
Below is a short video titled “Dancing Shadows Over The Crops” we shot last week on a glorious summer afternoon in a beautiful field of crops and Butterflies.
This was our first attempt at Time Lapse and it requires a lot of images,batteries and most of all patience !..more to follow.


Shooting On Location With “Good King Hal”

Following on from my previous post I have now completed the post production work on “Good King Hal”
The shoot took place with Mike Farley aka Good King Hal leading professional Henry VIII lookalike here in the U.K.
I had an idea of what I wanted the final image to look like and this was helped along further by doing a recce of Barrington Court a few days earlier.
The planning also helped move the shoot along nice and quickly to save keeping former comedian Mike waiting around too long, in fact we where all done and dusted in about 40 minutes.
A big thanks to Mike and to the National Trust’s Barrington Court for allowing us use of the property.
Below is the final image together with a short location video.

Good King Hal