Advertising Photography Capturing Chefs In Copenhagen

This image is from an advertising shoot last year for Knorr which took me to Copenhagen for a whirlwind shoot.
This was not my first trip into Europe for Knorr having previously shot in Rotterdam a couple of times. I was once again briefed by Bristol agency Flourish to what was required for the product which was for Unilever‘s Knorr Artisan range.

We flew out the night before from Heathrow to our Hotel which also conveniently our location for the shoot the next day.

After passing Bridgette Neilson in the reception (as you do) we checked in and did a recce of the kitchen we were to be shooting in the next day.
The following morning we met our Master Chef Rasmus who we were to be shooting and discussed plans for the day ahead.
As is often the case with shooting on location we had to make a few changes to our plans and move locations within the hotel.
This actually provided us with a better background but also meant due to the kitchen being used having to wait a couple of hours and have less shooting time.
As often is the case It all worked out fine and we managed to complete the shoot and catch our flight home in plenty of time to spare.