Corporate headshot photographer

Nowadays, everyone needs head photographs from business purposes to social media profile pictures. Corporate headshot photographer, Simon works the corporations and smaller businesses to capture professional stylish images that fit his clients brand. Before the shoot we meet with the client to discuss their requirements such as the planned usage and placement of the images be it Social media,Website and or print.

The majority of Corporate headshot photography shoots are done at the clients premises to ensure minimal disruption to the working day of those being captured. A discussion about the weather a backdrop is preferred or something less formal like the background of the office will then allow us to suggest a suitable place to set up the shoot.

Logistics for shoot timings are always more difficult for the larger companies with many staff and it’s generally the case that certain people will be on annual leave, unwell or simply in meetings on the proposed shoot day. This is why we often advise possibly setting up two shoot days to allow for this. Companies want to portray a professional appearance and have the images that have brand continuity not look like they were shot at different locations in different light and at different angles etc.

This is why if multiple visits are required we often suggest keeping thing repeatable and not over complicated. Another reason for this is not everyone particularly relishes being in front of the camera. We always try and chat to people as much as time allows before picking up the camera to build up a little rapport and make them feel at ease. A simple uncluttered set will also make the shoot feel less intimidating to some and also mean we can shoot quickly without the need to adjust lighting for each subject.

The final images are processed and sometimes retouched also if required and delivered optimised ready for both printing and also web. We also can crop images ready for use on sites such as LinkedIn.

We offer professional commercial headshot photography services that will meet the requirements of the company and ensure professional images with continuity in line with the clients brand.