Commercial Lifestyle Photographer London

Lifestyle photographer Simon Plant, Simon and his team work to capture lifestyle images for various commercial clients worldwide. They work on productions both big and small with the same attention to detail on every shoot. With over 3 decades of experience in commercial lifestyle photography, Simon crafts beautiful images that resonate with his client’s brand.

The images he creates can often be summed up as tranquil, uncluttered, beautiful moments, you could say it’s his idyllic vision of the world and the people that appear within it.

The skills & knowledge as a lifestyle photographer in London he brings to a shoot not only ensure the visual integrity of the job from start to finish but also provides “thinking on your feet” solutions for when potential problems arise and the clock is ticking. Working nationally & internationally for a range of clients he is happy shooting too tightly controlled briefs and pushing above and beyond what’s requested. Together with help from his lifestyle photography producer a full production can be handled providing a bespoke solution to any marketing campaign.

Lifestyle Photography

As a professional lifestyle photographer, he does this not only from behind the camera but also behind the retouching suite ensuring highest quality from start to finish.

The understanding of the post production process also means Simon, the top lifestyle photographer in London can suggest other ways images can be repurposed which can help stretch budgets and the lifespan of images. An example of this could be animating an image into a 10 sec video clip for use on social media channels like this still image for client Receipt Bank

Another sample maybe combining a still image with video footage like this one captured for client Mimecast in London

There are other options too like time-lapse, hyper-lapse. Of course there are many options and techniques for video production too including those found in After Effects. Like all things just because you can doesn’t mean you should and restraint is sometimes required and the question asked will this add anything to the final project or is the effect being purely used for the sake of it!

Last but definitely not least a great understanding of the clients brief and budget is required to allow a successful shoot. Another important factor comes down to assembling a great team to ensure the production works seamlessly on budget and on time for commercial lifestyle photography.