Good King Hal At The Court

Living where I do I’m fortunate to be surrounded my some stunning National Trust properties.It was during many of my visits to Barrington Court that I kept bumping into Mike Farley who is a full time Henry VIII impersonator.
During one conversation I told Mike about the work I did and he agreed for me to photograph him.
My vision for this image was to take Mike back to Barrington Court and create a clean simple and timeless stately background from the various garden hedges and trees available in Barrington Courts grounds.
The actual shoot with Mike only took 10-15 minutes to complete partly due to the pre planning already done.It’s also always my intention not to take up too much of peoples precious time that they are kindly allowing me to take up.
Mike who happens to be a an ex comedian was a joy to photograph and his website can be found here

Wooden Horse & Treacherous Tides

The Bristol Channel can be a treacherous place.
For starters it has the second highest tidal range in the world,the first apparently is the Bay of Fundy in Canada.
So if that does not catch you out then there is the mud to contend with which claims many a tourist’s car during the summer months.

I’ve lived along this coast for a large part of my life so I know to give it a lot of respect.So it was partly this that intrigued me about the Mud Horse Fishermen who go onto the dangerous mud flats to retrive fish from their nets.
They can only do this as they know the area and tides very well and also have their sledges known as Wooden Horses that keep them from sinking waist deep or more into the concrete like mud.
I had 20 years previous photographed another of the fishermen but now only 2 survive and I decided to call Adrian Sellick to see if I might be able to capture him for my project “Life In A Somerset Landscape”
A time was arranged and I met up with Adrian a week later and also his father Brendan who was busy mending nets just a stone’s throw from the beach.

To my amazement Adrian said he would drive us part of the mile or so out to where his Horse was anchored in his small 4×4 and I have to say I was pretty nervous about that after seeing so many vehicles devoured !
Thankfully I had nothing to worry about and with Adrian’s advise I manged to avoid stepping on the wrong type of mud and being swallowed up and got the shots I wanted before the tide turned.
The final image show Adrian with his Wooden Horse with Hinkley Point Power Station in the background.


Seamless Hair Transplant “Surveying The Moor”

This image came out of doing a favour for a friend who was setting up a business for house sitting dogs and needed some promotional images of herself with her dog Barney.


It was while on location shooting the portraits that we passed this huge fallen tree and Barney decided to climb on top and the image simply announced itself in front of me.Unfortunately Barney had a bright red harness on and due to sheep being in the vacinity it could not be taken off so it was carefully removed in post making sure to add suitable fine hairs for a seamless result.

The background was a landscape captured on Exmoor and proved a perfect fit with the correct colour grading.

Below is a short video showing how the images all came together in post production.

New Work, Yeovil Town F.C Community Sports Trust

Combining two of my passions of Photography & Football is as my mum would have phrased it “like having your cake and eating it !” My son now 11 and a half  has been at Yeovil as a player since he was around 7 years old. As a result of spending a lot of time at the club for training sessions and games the Yeovil Town Community Trust learn’t of my work and asked if I could help them with their imagery & promotional needs.The Trust are the charity arm of Yeovil Town F.C and also run the Youth teams and training sessions and various other work within the local community.

The latest images they required (show here) where to illustrate the various Develpment Centres that are located around Somerset and their appropriate kits for a new website launch.Having full creative freedom I decided that the kits and model would look great captured against a white clean background and then to create some impact with the creative use of lighting.

The trust knowing my son had recently modelled in a video for the NSPCC and the fact the budget was tight being a charity asked if he would model the kits for the shoot.

Here are a few of the retouched finished images.

Life-Gabe-ytcst-001 Life-Gabe-ytcst-002 Life-Gabe-ytcst-003