At the end of May, I received an email from BBC Radio Somerset‘s Trish Campbell requesting an interview.
She was interested in chatting on her Bank Holiday Monday show with me about my work especially how it was affected during the lockdown and my Life In A Somerset Landscape Project.

As it happens I was away in Cornwall with the family that week but said I’d be happy to jump on a call on Monday.
Now as some will know Cornwall can be tricky for phone reception in some areas and although I had 4G the signal was a little flaky so I purchased Wifi too just to be sure.
All started well but unfortunately went south pretty quick when the reception dropped out completely.
You can hear the short interview below and I’ve been asked back to chat again at some point soon.

Jonathan Takes A Seat In The Woods.

Jonathan Hodgson, Fletcher & Artist Captured For Life In A Somerset Landscape Project In Woods Near Cricket St Thomas Somerset