So I decided to head to the local town called Kardamena with my eldest daughter Gracie to follow my nose and see what images fell into my lap.

After a short walk towards a small beach next to the town’s harbour, I spotted these part-submerged steps gracefully sitting on the shore next to a track. It’s not something everyone would stop to photograph but the increasing beauty of the dawn light made the whole thing look wonderful as great light often does.

As I set up the camera my daughter noticed we were not alone!

Back in August while in Rhodes shooting a village I attracted a bit of attention from the local cats. One, in particular, followed me for the duration of my visit.

It seemed this wasn’t a one-off as we became aware that a ginger cat had appeared to see what was going on. After much nosing around my camera bag, she made herself comfortable on a nearby sun lounger and watched the dawn transition into the sunrise with the two of us.

The light as I anticipated created a  fabulous display of colour and textures as it rose gracefully over the Turkish mountains enjoyed by all 3 of us.

We eventually packed up the tripod and walked around the harbour followed by our fluffy tour guide until dumping us for a group of cats she decided were far more interesting..

After a few more images another memorable dawn in Greece was done and we headed back for a cup of tea and breakfast.

Graceful Entry Kardamena
Graceful Entry Kardamena