I now turned my attention to another amazing landmark situated on the beach which was the byzantine basilica of St. Stefan.

Despite being still fairly dark when I arrived that morning a guy parked up next to me and disappeared over the ruins.

I wondered what the hell this guy was doing without a camera at this time of the morning!

As I now found out he was doing his morning workout and who could blame him in such a wonderful location to do it.

It always amazes me that there are some places like this in Greece (more so Turkey) where I can park with no fee needed, I can then walk onto the site with no ticket office to navigate look around and walk out without being fleeced in a gift shop! 

The site was bathed in the warm light from the sunrise and I lost myself for an hour shooting the ruins and the wonderful textures while also managing to dodge the other guy’s dawn workout routine

Later that day I returned with my family for a picnic on the rocks under the ruins and a swim in the bay.

More information about the basilica of St. Stefan can be found here.

byzantine basilica of St. Stefan.