Today after 17 years and over 216 thousand miles I’ve reluctantly and finally had to part with my beloved BMW.
I used this car daily for many trips with my family, my mum, and so many photography assignments across the UK so as you can imagine it holds a lot of memories.

I spent the last several years debating to invest money to part restore it so I could continue driving and enjoying it and also for the fact it’s now considered a modern classic and prices are rising.
However, reality bites, and the huge recent mileage that my assignments have demanded and without an option to even store it for a rainy day (how many people have done that) means I had to reluctantly let it go.

Thankfully it’s gone to a specialist dealer who may well restore it and give it a new lease of life.

Yep, I know it’s only a car but it’s one which was very much part of family life and it’s going to be greatly missed.