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Back in my early years of photography I remember reading a magazine interview with Advertising Photographer Duncan Sim.

When quizzed about how he created one of his images of an American Diner shot against an incredible sunset he simply said “I think God is the best lighting cameraman”

Now I’m sure this was a tongue in cheek answer and no doubt the post production company helped both God & Sim somewhat along the way also but that statement has stuck in my mind ever since and more importantly I have found it to be very true.

Whether subconsciously¬† that statement moulded my way of approaching lighting or it was the lack of lighting available to me in my early years I’m unsure but these days (depending on the job and effect required) I always look to use natural light whenever possible then supplement this with flash or other light sources as required.

He may have been toying with the magazine a little but I think Sim was spot on especially when I see lighting like that in the image of my daughter below. This was shot in Cornwall while camping a few days ago with no reflector,no flash just my experience / knowledge and God given great light.

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