While away in Kos Greece recently the first person I met on arrival at our hotel in Kardamena was this lovely character called Neofitos.

Dressed in white wearing a captain’s sailing hat he welcomed us with a big smile. I speak a little Greek so said hello and asked how he was and we (well he) started to chat away I quickly lost track and had to explain I only understood a little Greek with a laugh.

I find at least trying to speak some language, especially in Greece goes a very long way. As many tourists don’t speak any they want to know why you have bothered to learn and I often get asked where I’m originally from thinking I must be of greek descent.

Speaking a little of the language even poorly also helps in building rapport when I wish to photograph someone and put them at ease.

We saw Neofitos several times a day as he drove the Mitsis Family Village Beach Hotel tourist train to the local beach and back. Always smiling and chatting in Greek it became a bit of a joke when I had to remind him I only understand a little! It mattered not we still managed to converse.

I couldn’t leave the hotel without capturing a few frames of Neofitos and his infectious smile.