I travel to Turkey quite a lot and I’m fortnate to have a home there from which to explore the many areas of historical interest that the country has to offer. On this particular trip I left my friends to enjoy an evening meal together and borrowed my turkish friend’s car to travel & capture the Windmills in the beautiful evening light.
The Windmills are located on headland high above the bays of Gumbet and Bodrum and give a wonderful view over the sea and mountains.
I’d been told about this location many times by Turkish friends but unfortunately on arrival I found it a little disappointing compared to the vision that I had built up in my mind.
I decided that seeing I was not being commissioned to shoot a faithful representation of the place that I would stay truthful to my own vision (as I often do) of this beautiful location by moving a few elements around and clean the place up a little !
My main disappointment at the location was the fact that the stunning view behind the windmills was not clearly visible so I decided to rectify this by raising the sea & mountains.
This was accomplished by capturing the precise images I needed then in post cleaning out a couple of the more derelict windmills so that the view could been seen behind.
This image was also made into a Photography Training Video called “Moving Mountains”